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What our boarders say about us

Here's what people are saying about Dry Creek Ranch Horse Boarding.

Linda R.

The greatest place in the whole wide world. Peg the owner and her assistant Rosalio make life wonderful for the horses and the owners. The care given to the horses is exemplary, it's such a jewel that you almost hate to share it.


Debbie B.
Peggy and Rosalio are a pleasure to be around and take such amazing care of my horse! Stalls are consistently maintained and pastures are green and well managed. I am happy to recommend Dry Creek to anyone seeking quality care of their favorite horse!


Natalie A.
I started out with two geriatric stallions at Dry Creek Ranch. From there, I added two more of my own plus brought a friend's stallion to the farm (total of 4 stallions). As long as the horse behaves, it will be accepted and loved regardless of being a mare, gelding or stallion. 


Feeding program is customized for each individual including any supplements or special considerations. This is very helpful as not every horse can be fed the same as the rest of the herd; you won't find this benefit at large barns.


The main barn is large, open and airy. Every horse has their own fan and stalls are picked during the evenings when they are in. Large, safe stalls cleaned and deeply bedded 7 days a week. Since Dry Creek has many pastures; singles or doubles or triples are grouped up appropriately for daytime turn out. Remember I said I had brought through 4 stallions and they all had their own turn out, every day!


There is an indoor hot/cold wash rack and several outdoor wash areas. There's an enclosed lighted round pen and a full court lighted dressage area - but is great for all sorts of activities.


We would never had moved our horses if we did not move out of state! Owner lives on site and checks horses multiple times a day. Barn manager lives on site as well - someone is always there to check on you and your horses!

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